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"Don't be so hypocritical. It's a pervert, a freak, and a Philistine." He was determined to put all his eggs in one basket. He guessed that he was not without a chance, and that since the man had strictly abided by his own precepts and regarded the ever-colorful and troublesome Connya as his daughter, he might also regard himself as his parent. After thinking about it, Kang Xiaoqi said coldly, "In that case, push your son to pieces with your own hands!" "Ha!" Kang Bo grinned and suddenly hit the steering wheel. Under the centrifugal force when the car turned rapidly, Kang Xiaoqi, who was holding the door, was almost thrown off the cliff. Glancing at the shocked teenager with his eyes, he hooked one corner of his mouth, and his tone was still very casual. "Grasping the gate of life is like grasping the car door." "Anyway." Anyway, it's your nature to be mean and dirty, and it's your strong point to reverse black and white. The hand holding the car door kept sweating, and the extreme fear was about to split his chest. The boy who pretended to be calm actually looked pale and stammered, "You can." It can be explained that the door was suddenly thrown open and fell down by itself. Anyway, there's always a way to get away with it like so many times in the past. "I want to get a chance to confess." Looking sideways again at each other's half-exposed thin body, Kang Bo suddenly put away the arc of the red lips that easily produced wonderful imagination,Steel racking system, and turned to a very gentle, serious, and even deliberative tone and said, "Please don't refuse so soon." But the refusal came firmly, "No, nothing to say!" Looking ahead again, the man shook his head with a smile,pipe cantilever rack, as if to signal to the other side that he would not pursue, "Close the door, the wind is too cold." The boy who picked up the steps immediately closed the car door obediently and buckled his seat belt with shaking cold hands. He looked suspiciously at his stepfather, who would not have had such a pale face even if he had lung disease. After a while, he asked, "We are going up the mountain. Do you want to meet those rich people on the top of the mountain?" "No." "So.." Where on earth are they going? "I stopped by to see my mother." "Really.." Really The boy cried out in surprise, his body trembled violently, and he almost burst into tears on the spot-no matter how much he cried, begged, or had hysterical attacks since his mother was sent to the madhouse, he never had a chance to see her again. Instead of answering his son's question, Campbell turned on Jonell's music and turned the volume of the car stereo to the maximum. In the deafening metal music, the man who always looked ahead asked the boy beside him, "Does it sound good?" The shrill music stung his head, Cantilever Storage rack ,long span shelving, and Conshoch answered without thinking, "It's like the cry of death." Kang Bo smiled faintly, "the same feeling." 4747. Sanatorium (5) The woman in the wheelchair sat in front of the window. It was time for the patients to eat, and the smell of food and the sound of ladles filled the surroundings, but the woman in the wheelchair turned a deaf ear to everything. Her expression was very dull, and her eyes, which did not know where to look, did not blink, and seemed to have been isolated from the world. Four years ago, she was admitted to this isolated mental hospital for mental correction. Chemical injections and electric shock treatments have left her more haggard than autumn. Her eyes are deeply sunken, her hair is gray, the hair on the top of her head is so thin that you can see her scalp, and her face is no longer as delicate as before. But the light of the rising sun covered the bent body of a mother, and her face looked young and beautiful to her child. In the face of his stepfather and in the face of his birth mother, his emotions are so distinct. The fatigue of the bumpy road disappeared, and the boy knelt in front of his mother's wheelchair and buried his face in her lap. Mom Mom Touching his mother's cold fingers with his cheek, big tears kept falling from the boy's eyes, and he choked and called his mother back, "Mom, look.." Mom, can you still recognize it. Repeated calls finally made the woman respond. She turned her dim eyes and bowed her head to the boy kneeling in front of her. Suddenly, she bent down, her hands almost touched the ground, and the whole thing seemed to fall off the wheelchair. Kang Xiaoqi turned pale with fright and asked his mother what she was going to do. The girl fiddled with the boy's loose shoelaces. Take a lot of time to complete a simple tie action, raise your head, laugh into a child who eats candy, "My little pumpkin, my shoelaces are scattered.." "Pumpkin" is the woman's pet name for her son, and only the two of them know it. The mother and son held their heads and cried bitterly, which made the bystander sigh. Some distance away, the man with a walking stick watched the mother and son. His jaw lifted slightly, his eyes narrowed slightly, and his gaze was devoid of emotion, as if it were only a condescending observation. At the man's side stood a woman in a white coat and glasses. She is a professor of psychiatry and the attending physician to Campbell's wife. The woman is less than forty, her facial features are plain and upright, her narrow and long facial lines show the sense of fortitude that only men have, but her face is covered with strong makeup. She was enthusiastically thanking the man beside her for building a multi-functional building for the mental hospital, when she suddenly pulled down her face and scolded a nurse: "Put away these reflective tableware quickly!"! Knowing clearly that such items as blood and knives will make the disease very nervous! The nurse is a young man with a simple and honest face. Repeatedly apologizing, he scrambled to pick up the tableware that had fallen to the ground, and then turned and fled. These young people who only listen to hormones are always so careless! The female doctor scolded in a low voice and explained to the man beside her, "My wife's condition has stabilized a lot, and her persecution delusions and physical delusions have been alleviated, so we allow her to move around in a small range,Pallet rack upright, bask in the sun and breathe.." But she still can not be stimulated, those reflective tableware will make her have "dagger" and "murder weapon" and other associations, will induce her to become very frantic.. " 。 omracking.com
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